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" Record companies now a days a get greedier and greedier, dem wussa than di @uc!ing! media, so wi a blaze hi-fi thru wi-fi, fi connect di masses, thru netwerks, wi get perks, it werk if yuh support it. Jamaica Natural 2 u, dats why Mahad Mahan a sport it, a endorse it, while Sheep a sleep, a forfeit, dem caan tek it, explore it like Dora when yuh dungload it, wi know yuh luv it, but no boda hord it, one accord it, a we reward it, now say it dun started, yuh caan part it! " -- ©2010 Mahad Mahan ("2010 + di few")

Blazing New Muzik
OK! Yes we are going to "kill unuh wid it!" We have been dormant for the last few years, building and building and producing and building... You get the picture. New music every month if not every week, just for you.

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