About our Company

Because we believe in artistic freedom, we at Jamaica Natural work as a collective in order to make superior music. This comes from the heart. Our mind set is not "commercially" driven; therefore you will get honest music.

Yes! we are an underground record company who are putting out records on our own terms. When we say "underground," we mean it. We are not "commercial underground," we are beneath the pipelines. Our music is sold mostly by word of mouth and with the help of the world wide web, well, need say no more... The playing field is getting leveled, therefore the real can get a day in the sun.

We sincerely believe in all of our products and think that they speak for therselves. Our music is not "pretentious" it is what it is. We are not trying to please you. We do not have a "target audience." We make what we like and in doing so, you will feel and relate to what we are saying. Music is a forum for all sort of expressions, it should not form to fit through marketing. Of course our music is not for everyone, but then again, nothing ever is. However, you will find that when it comes to the caliber of music we do, that our artists are not everyday artists. They are exceptional, a cut above the rest. I am sure you will find that out for your self. Witness the rise of Jamaica Natural, we are coming thru the sewage with a different breed of music, and this is just the start.

Remember, "every nation is proud to be Jamaican".. But just a few Jamaica Natural. Boom! "Fassy fi fossilize!" & "Uncle Babo fi Prime Minister!"

By the way...the logo says.. "Juh-may-kah" (Jamaica)